It's time to redefine the way your front desk works ...

AI + Facial Recognition + Attendance + Much More ...

No more books … No more Queues … No more compromises to security …

SMART Desk is a wholistic platform that is built to bring delight in managing your office.

About VAANGO Smart Desk

Facial Recognition at your Doorstep ...

With the help of VAANGO Smart Desk bring Facial Recognition to your door step. Recognize returning visitors in seconds, pre-fill their information. You can keep a photographic record of every single person walking in or out of your premises. No more compromise on your security. No more identity fraud or theft. 100% secure system in compliance with global standards like ISO 270001.

Sign Out with One Click

Before leaving your premises, visitors or staff can simply sign out with one click. They will be recognized and signed out instantly. A log of the timing is recorded ensuring that your security has 100% visibility on who is inside your premises at any point of time.

Customize flows to suit your business needs

Every business is different, each one has it’s own requirements and flows. We understand that really well. We have build super flexible and intuitive workflow builder using which you can make VAANGO Smart Desk truly yours within minutes. Be it a School or an office or a factory or a manufacturing facility or a government institution or a hospital … we got you covered!

Your App ... Your Branding!

You can bring your branding standards right at your front desk. After all, first impressions do matter and we do our best to make it an awesome experience for every visitor, be it that million dollar investor or that truck driver wanting to deliver a consignment. With Smart Desk, you can bring in your logos, color scheme and much more right at the time of check-in …

Black List Visitors

Every business has a situation where an unwanted person tries to access their premises for wrong reasons. VAANGO Smart Desk helps you to identify such people at the front desk through facial recognition and black listing capabilities built into our platform. Empower your front desk staff by providing them with this powerful capability today.

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The VAANGO Smart Desk Advantage

The Smart Desk Advantage

Modernize your front desk ...

The World's 1st AI based Front Desk Experience Suite

SMART Desk is a wholistic platform that is built to bring delight in managing your office.

It enables entering and exiting your premises smooth without compromising on security. SMART Desk is built using next generation technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and facial recognition making it the most secure platform in the world today.

Key Features of VAANGO Smart Desk

  • Facial Recognition using AI (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
  • 100% Cloud Based Solution
  • Workflow Driven for the modern day businesses
  • Sign In Unlimited Visitors / Interview Candidates / Vendors / Delivery Professionals / Contractors / Service Professionals and anyone else
  • Customize Sign-in Fields
  • Returning Visitors Support
  • Real-time Dashboard
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